Benefits of smart modulating thermostats

Benefits of smart modulating thermostats

Benefits of smart modulating thermostats

What is a smart modulating thermostat?

A modulating thermostat is a more precise way to heat your home. Rather than the more traditional on/off system, which constantly heats your home until it reaches the required temperature, a modulating thermostat will fluctuate coming on and off in order to keep it at an optimum temperature for longer.

These thermostats commonly use OpenTherm to communicate with your boiler and control the hot water temperature in the most efficient way. An example of a thermostat that we commonly use that is OpenTherm compatible is Nest (3rd Gen).

The modulating thermostat will use algorithms to calculate when is the most efficient time to use the boiler and use more or less gas to achieve the optimum temperature in the most efficient way 100% of the time.

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What are the benefits of a smart modulating thermostat?

As outlined above, modulating thermostats are a brilliantly efficient way to heat your home, so they’re good for your wallet and the planet!

Additionally a smart thermostat will allow you to control your heating remotely, from an app on your phone. So if your schedule regularly changes and you want to switch it on 30 minutes before you’re due back home, you will have full control over that. It also avoids accidentally leaving the heating on when you leave, as you can switch it off from your phone at any time.

On a smart thermostat’s interface you’ll be able to see exactly how much you are spending currently on your heating and cooling, and make alterations to programming in order to save costs overall.

So although it may be an initial investment up front, over time using a smart modulating thermostat will save you money, ensure you are heating your home efficiently and enable easy on-the-go access to your heating controls.

Which ones do we recommend?

At Scofi we use a range of smart modulating thermostats from brands such as Nest, Honeywell Evohome and Vaillant. For more information on what thermostat would be right for your home, contact us today to book a no-obligation appointment by calling 07817 317357 or emailing

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