En-Suite bathroom renovations

bathroom renovations

En-Suite bathroom renovations

Are you looking for a brand new bathroom to transform your bedroom?

Perhaps you already have an old, outdated en-suite you want to give a little refresh, or you just have an existing bedroom that’s larger than you need and want to build a bathroom onto it?

Building an en-suite is a fantastic way to convert your sleeping space to a more convenient, private and luxurious room for you to relax in. And what’s even better is it will add value to your property if you ever want to sell it.

We’ve come up with 4 ways you can transform your existing space by doing an en-suite bathroom renovation. Just read on…

Are you looking for someone to design and install your en suite? Scofi are based in Mid Sussex and cover Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill and surrounding areas.

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Small bedroom? Build a wet room

This is a great way to maximise on the space you have and add value to your home. Wet-rooms are small, water-tight bathrooms that have easy accessibility to showers and have a wide range of design options due to it’s minimalist style.

Why not add some wood or stone textures to the interior of your wet room to make it look chic?

At Scofi we built this practical and stylish wet room for a client who wanted to maximise their bedroom space.

bathroom renovations

Modernise your existing en suite

En suites became popular in the 50s, and there are still a few properties knocking about with bathroom suites that are several decades old. You know the ones we’re talking about – the lime green and pink affairs!

If you want to modernise your existing en suite, we recommend going for a neutural colour like white or grey as this won’t date as easily. Think about making your bathroom stand the test of time and go for a practical yet high quality bathroom suite as this will avoid the need for replacement and save you money in the long run.

bathroom renovations

Knock through into the second bathroom

Got more than one family bathroom in your home? Do you really need more than one? If not, why not convert one into an en suite and make your bedroom a more comfortable by only walking 5 steps to the bathroom.

bathroom renovations

Build an extension or loft conversion with an en-suite

Perhaps there is no way you can use your existing space to create an en-suite. Don’t forget the option of building onto your property. You could convert your loft into a huge master suite (complete with walk-in wardrobe?) or extend out into your garden.

Although this is a significant investment up front, the return added value on your property will more than make up for it in the long run. Definitely an option worth considering.

bathroom renovations

If you would like to add an extension or convert your loft, Scofi have a network of trusted building contractors we work with to create your dream home. Just drop us a line!

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