Why use underfloor heating? The benefits

Why use underfloor heating?

Why use underfloor heating? The benefits

Why use underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is often viewed as a luxury – relatively modern technology that not everyone has, so, therefore, must be unnecessary! However there are many benefits of underfloor heating and it can even be more efficient and beneficial than traditional heating!

We’ve broken down the top reasons why below…

The combination with your radiator system

The floor is laid through pipes that loop around the floor. The system works off a range of fuel types, including gas and electric. There are increasing options to combine underfloor heating with radiator heating. At Scofi, we install the retrofit LoPro Max which is designed to run off your existing radiator heating system, making the process quick, seamless and stress-free for you as a homeowner.


Does your property have a heat pump? Opting for underfloor heating will mean your heating system is about 40% more efficient than radiators (when paired with a heat pump). This is because the water temperature used by underfloor heating is lower than radiators, requiring less energy overall.

Unintrusive installation

The retrofit underfloor heating systems are, in our opinion, the best to fit if your property is not a new-build. This is because they require very little cosmetic changes to the property. The system can be laid over the existing floor and then a new floor laid on top after 72 hours of the system being laid. Avoiding the need to rip up your existing floor make the project much less intrusive to your home life.

Simple to control

The LoPro max system can be controlled easily using your existing time clock for your radiators. It also means that the entire room will be heated evenly rather than areas nearer the radiators! Remember that hard floors like tile or stone will enable a higher heat output than carpets or wood. There’s also the option to control it wirelessly.

Low cost

The LoPro Max system takes a third of the running costs of an electric underfloor heating system, in addition to the flexibility it gives you with which rooms you use the underfloor system in.

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