Boiler Install Burgess Hill

Boiler install Burgess Hill

Scofi Plumbing and Heating, based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, recently completed the installation of a new combi boiler to replace an old heat-only boiler. The new system is not only top of the range with up to 98% of the fuel converted to heat, but it was also fitted with a weather compensating stat and a nest smart thermostat, in compliance with Boiler Plus legislation.

The installation included:

  • Power flushing the system
  • Removal of the hot water cylinder and old boiler (pictured top right)
  • Installation of Viesseman┬áVitodens 200 Combi Boiler with weather compensation and Nest smart thermostat (pictured bottom right)
  • Testing of the new boiler efficiency resulted in 98.3% efficient.

Why choose Scofi?

Scofi Plumbing and Heating are experienced in fitting energy efficient boilers. We’ll bend over backward to provide a first class service for all our customers, treating┬átheir home as if it were our own!

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Boiler Install Burgess Hill


Boiler Install Burgess Hill