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Quote Builder

Use this form to create a cost for a new boiler installation.

What type of boiler do you have?
If you would like the boiler moved to a new location this will require new pipework to be fitted at an extra cost.
Which of the following will best describe where you live?
The amount of bedrooms will determine the size of the boiler.
And how many you may have in the future.
Building regulations require you to have thermostatic valves in all bedrooms.
Remember if you said no above you will be required to have them in all bedrooms.
What is the shape of your flue from the outside?
If it’s below 2m you will need a guard over the flue.

Which boiler would you like?

Select from one of the dropdowns below depending on which boiler you require.

All combination boilers include a thermostat that complies with boiler+.
Standard range
Typical finance rates of 9.9% 3,5 or 7 Years.