Replacement Boiler

Looking to replace your old, inefficient boiler?

Based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex and covering all the surrounding areas including Haywards Heath, Cuckfield, Lindfield and more, Scofi Plumbing and Heating are fast becoming the area’s leading plumbing company.

Scofi Plumbing recently completed the replacement of an old internal gravity feed oil boiler with an external system boiler, switched the existing hot water cylinder with solar to a new, unvented cylinder with recommissioned solar, and installed a Honeywell Evohome so the client is now able to control the temperature each room from their tablet.

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Why choose an external boiler?

Are you looking to free up space inside your home?


The new boiler is now situated outside the client’s house, freeing up space inside to be used in a different way that suits their needs.

Perhaps your boiler is taking up space in your kitchen, or is situated in a cupboard that could be better used for storing Christmas decorations. Or maybe you want to knock through the cupboard and build a new room or extension? With an external boiler, all this is possible!


But what if it rains?


External boilers are placed in a weather-proof case, making them safe whatever the season.


Why invest in Honeywell Evohome?


The Evohome allows you to control up to 12 different heating ‘zones’, and hot water. So if you would like your bedroom to be a different temperature to your living room, it’s simple to do with this innovative system. Either use the touchscreen controls on the central device or control on-the-go from your smartphone or tablet. No need to come home to a freezing home because you forgot to set the thermostat!

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